Frequently Asked Questions

  • The short answer is Yes. Our products are processed in the same facility as some allergens like wheat, soy, and nuts. While our manufacturer assures us that they take every precaution to prevent cross-contamination, we cannot guarantee that our products are completely free from traces of allergens. We recommend you exercise caution when consuming our products if you have a severe allergy. If you have any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.
  • From the manufacturer; We store and package allergens (except Fish and Crustaceans) in our facility. Our Allergen Control Program we have in place prevents the risk for cross contamination. Allergen production runs are always saved for the end of the day, then our sanitation crew during the 2nd shift will thoroughly clean and sanitize before a new run begins the next day.  
  • Adding an “advisory statement” to the label is voluntary, not an FDA requirement or recommendation.

Backorder means that the product(s) you ordered are not in stock, however new inventory is on the way. 

A backorder can take longer than usual to process as the new shipment/inventory can up to 7 days to arrive. 

You will be notified when your order is on backorder via email, as well as when the order ships. You will receive a tracking number when the order has been processed and is ready to ship. 

Order confirmations are emailed immediately after the order is confirmed, and the payment was successful. 

Often emails are sent to SPAM and/or Promotions, please check your email. 

If you did not receive an email, your order may not have gone through. Many times orders fail due to card issues, incorrect zip codes (must be the same as the bank account), not checking/accepting terms and conditions box, etc. Please make sure your order goes through before exiting the page. 

If charges are *applied, but you are unsure if your order went through, please contact us at:

*Many times charges are processing, however if the order doesn’t go through, the bank will reverse the “charges”. Please contact us to find out.